• Nursing Pack Rapid ID
  • Nursing Pack Rapid ID
  • Nursing Pack Rapid ID
Nursing Pack Rapid ID
Nursing Pack Rapid ID

Nursing Pack Rapid ID

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Get the mot popular MDpoket Cards, the 5 card Rapid ID Nursing Pack that contains quick references to the most daily used medical information by nurses. these Rapid ID cards are made of lightweight durable plastic that will fit behind your hospital or clinic ID and last as long as you want to carry them. the nursing pack contains information and referencing on basic labs, EKG interpretation, oxygen systems and uses, bilingual pain scale, body plane referencing, SIRS and Sepsis definitions, and much more listed below.

Vertical / Horizontal
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Cards Included:

  • Body Planes & Sepsis
  • EKG & RASS
  • Tubes & Oxygen Systems
  • Labs
  • Pain Scale & Conversions


  • EKG normal values for the P Wave, PR interval, QRS complex duration, QTC interval
  • Heart rate measuring along one card edge from 300 to 20 beats/min
  • Interval measurements from 0.01 to 0.40 for comparison
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts available (select option above)

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Excellent product! Thank you :)
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