EKG Intervals & Measures Rapid ID

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  • EKG normal values for the P Wave, PR interval, QRS complex duration, QTC interval
  • Heart rate measuring along one card edge from 300 to 20 beats/min
  • Interval measurements from 0.01 to 0.40 for comparison
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts available (select option above)

Carry this card behind your hospital or ID badge for rapid referencing and daily use.

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Date created: 05/10/2021
Vertical / Horizontal
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Need a quick reference for EKG interpretations to help with measuring EKG intervals, heart rates and QRS complex segments? Get our Rapid ID card that contains a quick and easy way to measure heart rates down to 20 beats/minute and heart rate pauses to 3 seconds on full 12-lead EKGs or rhythm strips. Standard reference ranges are provided for the P Wave, PR Interval, QTC Interval, and QRS Complex to compare your tracing. Flip the card over to see a QRS complex labeled to remind you where all the segments, intervals and specific points are located. 

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