Lung Volumes & obstructive and restrictive lung disease Rapid ID

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  • Lung Volumes diagram
  • Lung Volumes (Forced Expiratory Volume in one second-FEV1, Inspiratory Reserve Volume-IRV, Tidal Volume-TV, Expiratory Reserve Volume-ERV, Residual Volume-RV)
  • Lung Capacities (Total Lung Capacity-TLC, Forced Vital Capacity-FVC, Inspiratory Capacity-IC, Functional Residual Capacity-FRC)
  • Obstructive and restrictive lung patterns on PFTs
  • GOLD's Criteria for staging obstructive lung disease
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts available 
Vertical / Horizontal
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Need a quick reference on the differences between obstructive and restrictive lung disease? Our Rapid ID cards provide quick, easy ways to reference everyday medical information at your fingertips. This card can fit behind your ID badge in a horizontal or vertical layout. Flip the card over and see guidelines on lung volumes and capacities. Made from strong plastic with durable long lasting ink that will never fade, these cards are an ideal solution for rapid referencing.

It's usuful with rich content. Shipped quickly. Medical Zone is a nice company to deal with. I will buy again
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