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Pregnancy Wheel

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Guide patients through the myriad of dates with this monthly pocket reminder for all pregnant women. Ideal for any nurse, midwife, student, resident or clinical staff to help predict the next nine months of pregnancy, including the approximate date of delivery, prenatal genetic risk assessment screening, Crown Rump Length (CRL), and Biparietal Diameter (BPD). Each wheel is covered in heavy lamination to protect from daily use.


  • Dates to help determine approximate date of delivery by using the first day of last menstrual period or probable day of conception
  • Helps with charting fetal weight and length on a weekly basis to ascertain healthy development
  • Fetus Crown Rump Length (CRL) measurements
  • Biparietal Diameter (BPD) measurements
  • Gestational Milestones
  • Quantitative B-HCG Dating
  • Prenatal Lab Evaluations
  • Printed on heavy card stock paper with laminated front and back

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Pregnancy Wheel

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