Adult Basic Life Support Card (BLS) – 2018

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This pocket reference card provides healthcare professionals with the latest Basic Life Support (BLS) guidelines for Adults. Healthcare providers can have a quick and easy way to access the most current BLS guidelines for CPR with our sturdy laminated pocket card. The front of this card provides the BLS algorithm for unresponsive victims to keep you on the right track. Flip the card over to review all the CPR components for providers, such as compression ratios/depths, hand placement, and 1 or 2 rescuer guidelines for infants, children, adolescents, and adults.


  • Updated for 2018 with the latest adult BLS guidelines for healthcare providers
  • CPR components on compressions, ventilation, depth, 1 or 2 rescuer differences
  • BLS treatment algorithm to keep you organized
  • Full color with highlights and easy flow design
  • One card, double sided

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