History & Physical Exam Card

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Pocket-sized laminated card with full layout and details of the complete History & Physical Exam. This card will provide you with detailed descriptors to help you document and organize your History and Physical Exam with Subjective and Objective data. Follow the H&P order for all your write-ups and documentations. Card includes all sections for conducting a patient history and performing all areas of the Exam, including coverage of identifying data, Chief Complaint (CC), Past Medical History (PMHx), Family History (FHx), Social History (SHx), Medications, Allergies, Review of  Systems (ROS), Physical Exam. Make your history taking and physical examination easier and organized.

  • Single double-sided card
  • Subjective Components for patient data (name, age, gender, race)
  • History of Present Illness, Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Family History, Social
  • History, Medications, Allergies, Review of Systems
  • Objective Components for vitals and exam
  • Area specific descriptors to focus your questions and exam
  • Sturdy card design with glossy surface
  • Pocket size for daily referencing
  • Full color with highlights and an easy-flow design


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History & Physical Exam Card

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