PALS Card Set – 2018

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MDpocket Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) pocket reference cards are ideal for quick review of the latest acute care pediatric algorithms. This four-card set has easy-flow algorithms to guide you through the most daily used pediatric life support measures. Included within the set are cards for the Universal PALS Cardiac Algorithm, Universal PALS components with medications, Pediatric Bradycardia, Pediatric Tachycardia, PALS resuscitation medications list, and post resuscitation cardiac medications list. These cards are great for studying the PALS guidelines and are handy pocket references when you need it most.
Updated to the most current PALS guidelines with new recommendations on Pediatric Cardiac Arrest for single and 2 or more rescuers.


  • Universal PALS Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Pediatric Bradycardia
  • Pediatric Tachycardia
  • Post Resuscitation Medications
  • Pediatric averages for blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate
  • Single and 2 or more rescuer algorithms
  • Pocket size for daily referencing
  • Heavy laminated card stock
  • 3 card set

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