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ID badge featuring a book Nerd. 

being in medical school than you are a book Nerd !!

Materials: Retractable Badge Reel, Plastic, Rhinestone, Felt Embellishments

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  • ID badge made using badge reels housed in a hard plastic casing and retractable mechanism for ease of use when scanning.
  • A heavy-duty swivel alligator clip is on the back for securing to your clothing, uniform, or lab coat.
  • A clear vinyl strap with metal snap is provided for attaching your beautiful new BadgeBloom to your ID.

انها مثالية!
المنتج عالي الجودة ورائع. لقد استمتعت بشرائه! سوف أتسوق هنا مرة أخرى! يتم شحنها بسرعة أيضًا !
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