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Research methods in practice course
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Research methods in practice course: Focus on...

Speaker: Dr.Noura Eid,

From Sunday to Tuesday (1 August – 5 August )

From 5 pm - 9 pm

Target audience: all health worker sectors, medical students and interns.

Online though Zoom

All attendees will be provided with handouts, a take home guide, references and Certificate of attendance

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  • Size: Otoscope
  • Item Type: Ear Care
  • Material: ABS, Aluminum

Nuerolgoical hammer
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Nuerolgoical hammer

This hammer includes both large and small sized silicone mallets, along with a balanced handle to generate controlled percussions to Apply Neuro examination, it also include a pointed tip and built-in brush which will help doing sensory examination.

Color: black

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measuring tap meter
  • 150cm/60 inch Tape Measures Portable Retractable Ruler.
  • Color: white

Small and light, you can carry it on your pocket and use it during your clinical examination to measure the hight, head circumference, leg discrepancy or even during your OSCE exams.
Be ready at anytime for any clinical examination.

Tuning fork
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Tuning fork

128Hz tuning fork, to test the vibration part of the sensory examination during your Nervous system assessment.
small, light and portable.

Internship kit
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Internship kit

as one of our special collection the Internship kit ! a bag full of all the equipment and tools you will need during your training year. Get it now and be ready at anytime

Kit includes:

  • Stethoscope color black in black
  • Neurological hammer
  • Pen light color black
  • Tuning fork
  • Otoscope
  • Meter
  • Pin ( am a doctor )
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