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what is www.medical-zone.com

Medical Zone is a website specialized in providing services targeted towards medical field professionals. It has a MZ Store , Book Store and an interactive blog please take your time to browse our ABOUT US Page and get to know more about us!

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Where is www.medical-zone.com main office & warehouse?

we are located at Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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How Can I shop at medical-zone.com ?

you can take a look at MZ store, add what you like to your cart, complete your order by providing us with your shipping details and contact information, once you will complete the payment our team will prepare your order for shipping, you will be receiving an emails updating you with your order status

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How do I make sure that the size of the product would fit me?

You can review the size chart in the product page. You will be able to see exact measures of the product and will help you decide.

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I have a coupon, how can I use it?

Just apply the discounted coupon code at the checkout, and you will find the coupon applied to your order, if there is a problem please check the terms and conditions of the coupon or contact us at info@medical-zone.com

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What are the available payment options?

You can choose to pay through Credit Cards, PayPal or if you live in Saudi Arabia you may pay through cash on delivery with extra fees.
if you will pay through PayPal please send us the confirmation to mz@medical-zone.com

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Can I place an order outside Saudi Arabia?

Yes you can, we accept order from everywhere, if you got a trouble on submitting your order please contact us through info@medicla-zone.com

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Where do you ship to?

we ship worldwide.

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How long does it take to receive my order?

we are welling to ship your order as fast as possible, after confirming your payment method, your order will be prepared and shipped from our warehouse & you shall receive it within 5 working days starting from the day of order/payment confirmation.

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I haven't received my item. What can I do?

We will provide you with tracking number for your shipmen, it usually take 3-5 days depending on your location, and shipping company shipping policy, Please contact track your shipment and check with the shipping company directly if they were not helpful please contact us on info@medical-zone.com

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Can I Return my order?

Medical Zone cares about your satisfaction, please if you feel you need to return your order than check Return Policy Page.

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I have used medical books I don't need any more, can I sell it in Medical Zone ?

Yes, Medical Zone can buy used books from you and re-sell it under used book category in MZ book store.

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how can I sell my book in Medical Zone?

Please feel free to contact us anytime at mz@medical-zone.com, send to us full details  about your books and the condition of it and you contact information.
Medical Zone accept the books that are in a good conditions only so it’s better if you can send us a picture of your books cover and a pictures of the pages, also please check the terms and conditions of Used book that we accept before contacting us.

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what are the terms and conditions of the books that Medical Zone accept ?

Medical Zone accept  used books if it’s in a good condition and can be used by others.
it’s important to have this specific criteria in order to buy it from you

The cover of the book has to be in a good condition and not damaged in any kind.
Pages of the books has to be complete and not cut off
Page should be empty as much as possible
if there is notes we can accept it in case if it’s written far away from the text and not really written all over the book
there should be no personal information what so every in any page.
after completing the buying process the book will be owned by Medical Zone.

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dose Medical Zone will be responsible of the shipping of my used book?

Yes once Medical Zone team will contact you and everything is approved, Medical Zone team will arrange the shipping and Pay for the shipping from your Address to our office

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how can we agree on the price of my book?

we care about your satisfaction and pricing will depends on the condition of the book and original price

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how dose the payment process occur ?

once Medical Zone team approves all the your personal information and we agree on the price, We will be paying 50% before shipping and once we receive the book and it’s in a good condition as our agreement we will pay the rest 50% to you. in regards to shipping Medical zone will be responsible of arranging and paying for the shipping from your address to our office.

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What is MZ Blog?

MZ blog supports healthcare professionals through posts on topics that matter to them and their careers. The posts will be written by doctors and medical student who have the passion and desire to share their experiences and knowledge. MZ Blog includes subjects such as continuing education, workplace guidance, general advice, personal experiences and more subjects in relating to the life in the medical field

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Can I write on MZ blog?

MZ blog is non profit blog, we are aiming to be the platform for anyone and everyone to share their knowledge and experiences.
so if you feel you have something to say please visit ” Submit your Blog “ Page, fill up the Authorization from, write about yourself and let us know more about you and what is your interest in MZ blog.
we will receive your form and replay to you once you are accepted.

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I got accepted to write in MZ blog, how can I write my first blog?

MZ team will send you all the details about how to write on MZ blog.

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What is MZ events?

one of MZ goals is to make looking for an events in medical filed more easier and more organized, in M events page you can find any events, there is different way of showing the events choose what is comfortable to you. you also can search for a specific events or any event in specific date, please check upcoming events page

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dose Medical Zone own these events?

No, Medical Zone is just a platform to make finding events easier, we are only a place where any doctor can look for any event he may need and finds it very quickly

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how can we show our event in MZ events page?

if you have an events that you would like to share with others please send to us all the details about the events to mz@medical-zone.com .

All details include:

  • Name of the event
  • Presenter Name ( if more than one please provide us with All of them)
  • where it will occur ( City, country, avenue, google map location)
  • Time and date
  • cost of the events
  • description of the events
  • if you have a picture please send it to us as well.

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Dose medical zone can organize the registration to event?

No, Medical Zone only show the Event and provide users with contact details for any events but we are not responsible of organizing or registering to any event

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Do we have to Pay to show our event in Medical Zone?

No, we are looking to make the searching for any event more easier and more organized to All medical health worker. you don’t have to pay just send to us your Event details and it will be shown in the event page immediately. mz@medical-zone.com

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