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Medical student box

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Our special monthly box include ( Medical student box ). 

The box has 5 of most important product to any medical student with 15% discount on total :

  • MDpocket medical student booklet 
  • Medical student rapid ID pack of 5 cards 
  • History and physical examination card 
  • penlight : blue 
  • bone pen : one pen 

This pack contains

Bone Pens
Bone Pens Shape-humerus bone
x 1
MDpocket Medical Student Edition
MDpocket Medical Student Edition
x 1
Medical Student Pack Rapid ID
x 1
Penlight blue
x 1
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    • MDpocket Medical Student Edition:

    Need a great pocket medical reference guide for clinical rotations? MDpocket Medical Reference Guide 2021 Edition will fit your clinical needs as a student and is one of the most current, best-selling medical student pocket guides.This reference is packed with the most daily used medical information used by today’s students and includes quick and easy ways to take care of patients. Great for all hospital and ambulatory rotations with a unique tab design and sturdy laminated covers; it’s full of great medical information on

    • History & Physical Exam Card:

    Card includes all sections for conducting a patient history and performing all areas of the Exam, including coverage of identifying data, Chief Complaint (CC), Past Medical History (PMHx), Family History (FHx), Social History (SHx), Medications, Allergies, Review of  Systems (ROS), Physical Exam. Make your history taking and physical examination easier and organized.

    • Medical Student Pack Rapid ID include 5 cards:

    the ABG & Sepsis, EKG & Myocardial Infarction, Hypertension & Adult BMI, and Dermatome

    • Bone pen: 

    include one bone pen, shape choice is random. you can get any shape of thr 5 avaialble shapes 

    • penlight in blue

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