Physical therapy WhiteCoat Clipboard edition

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        • Full size medical clipboard that folds in half
        • Speciality: Physical Therapy, To read the content please check the Description section
        • Color: Pink
        • Lightweight aluminum construction
        • Holds 8.5″ x 11″ inch paper – letter or an 8″ x 5″ inch notepad
        • Folds in half with ease to 1/2 inch
        • Holds 15-30 pieces of paper without creasing
        • Clip to secure all your documents
        • Hover over the images above to see a detailed view of medical information
        • Metric lab values

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                                                          This is a one-of-a-kind patented full size folding clipboard made of lightweight aluminum designed for Physical Therapists  this unique patent folding design allows the clipboard to fold in half for easy storage and carrying up to 30 pieces of paper without creasing your documents. Hover over the above image to see detailed views of the physical therapy information contained on this clipboard. Our Physical Therapy label includes information on the Modified Ashworth Scale, Rancho Los Amigos Scale, and Level of Assist on the inside of the clipboard.


                                                          • BMI Range
                                                          • Borg Scale for Exertion
                                                          • CVA Effects
                                                          • Edema Scale
                                                          • Glasgow Coma Scale
                                                          • Label Information
                                                          • Levels of Assist
                                                          • Modified Ashworth Scale
                                                          • Myotomes
                                                          • Normal Lab Values
                                                          • Pain Scale
                                                          • Rancho Los Amigos Scale
                                                          • Spinal Cord Injury Levels
                                                          • Strength Testing Scale
                                                          • Vital Signs
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