Rosemary Resin (12)

ID badge Batman

Handmade ID badge Batman

add some Marvel effects to your daily work 

ID badge the natural Rose
  • On sale!
  • Sale -20%
ID badge the natural Rose

ID badge of natural rose flower with green leave

comes in tow colors: White or Red

White Rose with leave ID badge

ID holder the White rose with the touch of a leaf


The Skull ID badge
  • Sale -30%
The Skull ID badge

ID badge the skull with tow different eye colors ( Black and White )

The Big Heart ID badge

ID Badge the heart in a lovely size

  • Width 3.5 cm
  • length 5.5 cm
The brain in white ID Badge

Handmade ID badge showing the brain in artistic way

The Brain circulation ID badge

ID Badge showing the brain with touch of red and gliter


ID badge the Pinky Brain

ID badge showing Pinky Brain with little touch of glam


The Tummy Keychain

Handmade Keychain or car accessories in the shape of Stomach

perfect gift for an internal medicine or Gastroenterologists !!

  • Length: 5 cm   
  • width: 4 cm
Handmade The Liver Keychain

Handmade Keychain showing the Liver.

  • Length: 5 cm
  • Width : 2.5 cm
Keychain Mr.teeth

Keychain or Car accessories hanger



ID badge The kidneys
  • On sale!
ID badge The kidneys

Handmade ID badge showing the Urinary system

Small in size and suitable for anyone work in Urology department

  • Length : 2.3 cm     
  • width: 2.6 cm
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