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Medical student box

Our special monthly box include ( Medical student box ). 

The box has 5 of most important product to any medical student with 15% discount on total :

  • MDpocket medical student booklet 
  • Medical student rapid ID pack of 5 cards 
  • History and physical examination card 
  • penlight : blue 
  • bone pen : one pen 
I have no life Mug

this coffee mug is one of out ” back to school ” collection.

it designed in a funny way, showing how much a medical students are busy and have a lot to do all the time

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Blue stethoscope embroidery notebook
  • embroidery notebook showing a blue stethoscope
  • 40 lined pages 
  • handmade with love
The colorful chemistry embroidery notebook

embroidery notebook showing colorful chemistry pot

40 lined pages

handmade with Love

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