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Yellow and Black skull ID badge
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Yellow and Black skull ID badge
1 Reviews
  • Length: 45 cm
  • Materials: cotton fabric, clasp

This cute lanyard, is made from a print fabric.

It has a swivel head gold tone lobster clasp, which can easily attach to an ID badge holder, or your keys.

Grey's Anatomy ID Lanyard
1 Reviews
  • this Lanyard showed fabric print of the TV show ” Grey’s anatomy ”
  • Material: Polyester/Nylon,Metal
  • length= 44.9 cm
NP pocket Nursing Edition
3 Reviews

MDpocket Nursing contains day-to-day medical information to save time and make you more efficient while taking care of patients. This medical reference is used by healthcare professionals (nurses, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants) across many different nursing fields. You’ll find information on catheter selection, diets, fluids, insulin dosing, mental status exams, CXR, nerve testing, injections and much more inside this pocket reference. This pocket reference is designed with a quick tabbed medical index to get you information at a moment’s notice. 

Labs Rapid ID
2 Reviews

        Reference all your daily labs with this Rapid ID card containing BMP, CBC, ABG, LFTs. this Rapid ID cards are the same size as credit cards and made to be carried behind your ID badge for rapid referencing.


        • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
        • Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC)
        • Liver Function Tests (LFTs)
        • Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)
                                                      Nursing Pack Rapid ID
                                                      2 Reviews


                                                      • 5 cards comes together
                                                      • size of credit card that can be attached your personal ID and carry it anywhere during your work
                                                      • EKG normal values for the P Wave, PR interval, QRS complex duration, QTC interval
                                                      • Heart rate measuring along one card edge from 300 to 20 beats/min
                                                      • Interval measurements from 0.01 to 0.40 for comparison
                                                      • Horizontal and vertical layouts available (select option above)
                                                      Athletica Women Jogger Scrub Set black

                                                      All-day comfort meets stylish athletic fit. Look good, feel good, do good! 

                                                      At Medical Zone, we stand by the quality and craftsmanship of all of our products for your maximized comfort at work.

                                                      We believe our front line deserves the best and nothing less. 

                                                      Material: 72% Polyester +  25% Rayon + 3% Lycra  = 100% Comfort and Chic

                                                      Lung Volumes & obstructive and restrictive lung...
                                                      1 Reviews


                                                      • Lung Volumes diagram
                                                      • Lung Volumes (Forced Expiratory Volume in one second-FEV1, Inspiratory Reserve Volume-IRV, Tidal Volume-TV, Expiratory Reserve Volume-ERV, Residual Volume-RV)
                                                      • Lung Capacities (Total Lung Capacity-TLC, Forced Vital Capacity-FVC, Inspiratory Capacity-IC, Functional Residual Capacity-FRC)
                                                      • Obstructive and restrictive lung patterns on PFTs
                                                      • GOLD's Criteria for staging obstructive lung disease
                                                      • Horizontal and vertical layouts available 
                                                      Bookmark the connection

                                                      Inside the brain there are things worth living by, inside the heart there is things worth dying for. 

                                                      Bookmark the connection 

                                                      The Resuscifusion booklet

                                                      A decision-making tool that serves as a reference at the bedside of the critically-ill patient to guide early identification and management. The first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Resuscifusion is easy to use, efficient, and your right hand in dealing with both trauama and medical emergencies.

                                                      • Pages : 110 page
                                                      • Size of the booklet, you can carry it everywhere 

                                                      Authors: Abdullah Bakhsh, MBBS FAAE, Danya Khoujah, MBBS FAAEM FACEP, Ahmed Aljabri, PharmD BCPS

                                                      ABG & Obstructive Restrictive Lung Disease...


                                                      • ABG normal values with interpretation of metabolic acidosis, metabolic alkalosis, respiratory acidosis, and respiratory alkalosis (with expected compensation)
                                                      • Obstructive and restrictive lung patterns on PFTs
                                                      • GOLD's Criteria for staging obstructive lung disease
                                                      • Horizontal and vertical layouts available 
                                                      Tubes and Oxygen Systems Rapid ID


                                                            • Oxygen Systems (Bag-valve), Non-rebreather, Oxymizer, Trans Tracheal Catheters, Venti Mask
                                                            • Flow rates listed by system
                                                            • Oxygen percentages for flow rates
                                                            • Laboratory tubes for blood draws, uses, additives, tube color
                                                            • Horizontal and vertical layouts available (select option above)
                                                                                                          Tiffany Jacket

                                                                                                          Scrub jacket in Tiffany. very practical and comfortable

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