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Internship kit

As one of our special collection the Internship kit ! a bag full of all the equipment and tools you will need during your training year. Get it now and be ready at anytime

Kit includes:

  • Stethoscope color black in black
  • Neurological hammer
  • Pen light color black
  • Tuning fork
  • Otoscope
  • Meter
  • Pin ( am a doctor )
Medical student box
  • Pack
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Medical student box

Our special boxes include desgine for Medical student. This box has 5 of most important product to any medical student with 15% discount on total :

  • MDpocket medical student booklet 
  • Medical student rapid ID pack of 5 cards 
  • History and physical examination card 
  • penlight : blue 
  • bone pen : one pen 
Nursing Box
  • Pack
Nursing Box

Nurse box contains most popular product for Nurse filed, get them all at once with 15% discount 

Box contains 7 products:

  • NPpocket Nurse edition 2021
  • Nurse Rapid ID pack 
  • Penlight
  • RN ID badge in Red
  • Nurse ECG sticker in black 
  • Calculator in Red 
  • Bone pen: hummers bone
Laboratory box
  • Pack
Laboratory box

This box is made for the all laboratory workers to celebrate the international day of laboratory 

Box includes: 

  • Rapid ID Labs
  • I'm lab. specialist pin
  • Microscope Sticker
  • Microscope embroidery handmad notebook
  • Microscope ID badge

Buy it all in one box. 

We are proud of you !

The genius Box

This Package contains one piece from:

  • Keychain
  • ID badge
  • Book mark
  • Notebook A6
Half heart half brain Box

This Package contains one piece from:

  • Keychain
  • ID badge
  • Book mark
  • Notebook A6
The blood type box

This box contain 4 pieces, one piece from :

  • Blood Pin
  • Blood ID badge
  • Notebook A6
  • Blood cell stickers
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