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Fluid and Electrolytes Disorders Academic Day

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April 8, 2021  To  April 8, 2021
Emergency crisis preparedness and management for health care practitioners

Emergency crisis preparedness and management for health care practitioners

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March 23, 2021  To  March 25, 2021

Cardiology (18)

Haley Heart ID badge

ID badge featuring a Haley Heart

Materials: Retractable Badge Reel, Plastic, Rhinestone, Felt Embellishments

EKG lanyard
        • Length: 45 cm
        • Materials: cotton fabric, clasp

        This cute lanyard, is made from a print fabric. It has a swivel head silver tone lobster clasp, which can easily attach to an ID badge holder, or your keys.

                                                      EKG Myocardial Infarction Rapid ID

                                                      Need a quick reference for EKG interpretations with myocardial infarction (MI) locations? Get this MDpocket Rapid ID card that contains a quick and easy way to find infarction locations based on EKG ST segment changes. Locate the coronary artery responsible for the MI with our simple chart and anatomical model. Carry this card behind your hospital or ID badge for rapid referencing and daily use. Flip the card over for the EKG standard measures (QRS complex, QRS interval, ST segment, QT interval, PR interval) and normal valves.

                                                      EKG Intervals & Measures Rapid ID


                                                      • EKG normal values for the P Wave, PR interval, QRS complex duration, QTC interval
                                                      • Heart rate measuring along one card edge from 300 to 20 beats/min
                                                      • Interval measurements from 0.01 to 0.40 for comparison
                                                      • Horizontal and vertical layouts available (select option above)

                                                      Carry this card behind your hospital or ID badge for rapid referencing and daily use.

                                                      Penguin Pocket EKG Caliper

                                                      Penguin Pocket EKG Calipers are ideal for all healthcare students and professionals learning, teaching or reading EKG tracings or rhythm strips. Designed and manufactured in the United States, these EKG calipers are stylish, adjustable, and made from lightweight materials for daily use. Measure QRS complexes, PR intervals, and irregular tracings with pinpoint accuracy. Each caliper comes with laser precision tension controlled legs and fine point brass tips for accurate EKG reading and evaluations. Adjust the caliper leg tension tighter or loosen them (with the included wrench) to have complete control of your calipers.

                                                      Heart Rate Laptop Decal

                                                      High quality, self-adhesive vinyl

                                                      Easy application in minutes.

                                                      Can be easily removed and leaves no residue, do not damage surfaces. 3-5 years outdoors life

                                                      Ultra high-quality printing, precision-cut, full detail

                                                      Anatomical Heart Softcover Notebook
                                                      • Sale -15%
                                                      Anatomical Heart Softcover Notebook
                                                      • Handmade item
                                                      • Material: recycled paper
                                                      • 192 pages
                                                      • College-ruled lines
                                                      • 100% recycled pages and board
                                                      Heart Pin

                                                      Always listen to your heart, it maybe be in your left, but it always right !!

                                                      • Length 4 cm
                                                      • Width: 2.5 cm
                                                      Anatomical Heart zip pencil case

                                                      This Poster Series Zip Case is perfect for keeping all your small items safe. Fill it with your favorite fountain pens and a slide rule. Store your keys, wallet and phone together so you can find them later.

                                                      • Width 25.5 cm
                                                      • Height 15.24 cm
                                                      • Closure Zipper
                                                      • Material: 100% Recycled canvas, 12 oz
                                                      • Lining: 100% Recycled cotton, 5 oz
                                                      • Care: Machine was cold, Tumble dry low
                                                      Anatomical heart canvas shoulder Tote

                                                      This Lecture Series Shoulder Tote is ready for all of your adventures. It’s fully reversible, so you’ve got options. Solid color on one side, printed on the other. Two bags in one. Made with 100% recycled canvas.

                                                      • Width: 45.72 cm
                                                      • Height: 36.8 cm
                                                      • Shoulder Straps: 55.8 cm
                                                      • 10 oz Recycled CanvasMachine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low
                                                      • Strong enough for all your text books and soft enough to use every day.
                                                      • Reversible: Patterned / solid color with pocket
                                                      Four ventricle flowery Heart Pin

                                                      Add the lovely touch to you personal stuff with heart pin showing the four ventricle with touch of lovely flowers

                                                      The Love ID Badge

                                                      The Love ID Badge

                                                      Size: 8 cm

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