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Medical Zone | Nurse (26)

Superhero Nursing Card Holder
  • This mylar covered button BadgeBloom featuring a superhero with words Peds nurse  
  • Be unique and wear one of these ID badges !
Elephant Peds Nurse ID badge
  • This mylar covered button BadgeBloom featuring a cute elephant with words Peds nurse  
  • Be unique and wear one of these ID badges !
Ninja Peds Nurse ID badge
  • This mylar covered button BadgeBloom featuring a Ninja with words Peds nurse  
  • Be unique and wear one of these ID badges !
I'm Nurse Pin

"Nurse " just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone.

Add the lovely touch to you personal stuff with I'm nurse Pin. 

Super nurse mug

You don't build a house without it's foundation, you don't build a hospital without its nurses

A mug fo to all our superhero nurses out there.

Nursing Pack Rapid ID


  • 5 cards comes together
  • size of credit card that can be attached your personal ID and carry it anywhere during your work
  • EKG normal values for the P Wave, PR interval, QRS complex duration, QTC interval
  • Heart rate measuring along one card edge from 300 to 20 beats/min
  • Interval measurements from 0.01 to 0.40 for comparison
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts available (select option above)
NP pocket Nursing Edition

MDpocket Nursing contains day-to-day medical information to save time and make you more efficient while taking care of patients. This medical reference is used by healthcare professionals (nurses, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants) across many different nursing fields. You’ll find information on catheter selection, diets, fluids, insulin dosing, mental status exams, CXR, nerve testing, injections and much more inside this pocket reference. This pocket reference is designed with a quick tabbed medical index to get you information at a moment’s notice. 

Pink Stethoscope Heart ID badge

ID badge featuring a Pink Stethoscope Heart ID badge

Materials: Retractable Badge Reel, Plastic, Rhinestone, Felt Embellishments

Raspberry With Rainbow Finish stethoscope

Quality and Design: These LubDup beard Stethoscope come with the highest quality in their class of Stethoscope and have unique styles

Packaging: LubDup features an elegant bag to maintain the Stethoscope

Price: LubDup Stethoscope is the most suitable for health care specialties due to its high quality compared to the affordable price.

Quality guarantee: a period of three years

History & Physical Exam Card
  • Single double-sided card
  • Subjective Components for patient data (name, age, gender, race)
  • History of Present Illness, Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Family History, Social
  • History, Medications, Allergies, Review of Systems
  • Objective Components for vitals and exam
  • Area specific descriptors to focus your questions and exam
  • Sturdy card design with glossy surface
  • Pocket size for daily referencing
  • Full color with highlights and an easy-flow design
Calculator Clip
  • Standard calculator functions
  • Heavy plastic construction 
  • Magnet to secure to any metal surface
  • Batteries included, auto shut off after 6 minutes

Add a calculator clip to your clipboard to do all your calculations. This mini calculator will clip on to your clipboard or can be used as a magnet wall clip to secure your documents. Calculator clip comes standard with a clip, magnet and batteries.

Bone Pens

Bone Pens available in different shape ( Tibia, Phalanx, Spine, Femur and simple bone shape ).

Length 15cm – 16.5cm

Choice of Tibia, Spine, Phalanx, Femur, simple bone

All write in black ink

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