Teal blue

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Blue and green selen set

All-day comfort meets stylish athletic fit. Look good, feel good, do good! 
At Medical Zone, we stand by the quality and craftsmanship of all of our products for your maximized comfort at work.
We believe our front line deserves the best and nothing less. 

  • Material: 72% Polyester +  25% Rayon + 3% Lycra  = 100% Comfort and Chic
Tiffany scrub set with Gray straps

Tiffany scrub set with Gray straps. 

Jacket is not included. 

Tiffany Jacket

Scrub jacket in Tiffany. very practical and comfortable

Smokey scrub set with tiffany straps

Smokey scrub with tiffany straps 

Modern, stylish and yet comfortable

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